Thursday, December 17, 2009

Magento in Switzerland

Magento is a very promising, and rapidly growing Open Source e-commerce solution. Its incredible flexibility and control over content, functionality, and visual aspects guarantees a unique user experience that is beneficial to both visitors and from an online store management point of view.
In addition Varien offers commercial support for Magento. Varien is a US based company with a R&D center in Ukraine. But what about Magento in Switzerland?

This post is listing a few Swiss Magento references and Partners.

The main Magento partners in Switzerland are: Unic and Cross Agency. Other companies present in Switzerland are Magento partners as SQLI and Optaros. Some small player as WnG and dotBase have some Magento experience. You will also find few freelancer with some strong experience (contact me if you are looking for some).

I was not able to find many Swiss Magento references:
1. Korean and Russian eShop of Nespresso (by Cross Agency)
2. German site of QCNS Fribourg (by Optaros)
3. Wander-Ovomaltine (by Unic)
4. Vinome (by WnG)

I will try to update this list as soon as possible, keep tuned and checkout Magento Forum

To get more information on Magento contact Open Web Technology the Magento Partener

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