Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Illustration of Assembled Web

How Assembled Web can be explained on a real life example by Nikki Baird.

Today a manufacturer is definitely expected to have detailed information about all of the products it proposes. But depending on the product category they're in, they might also need to provide a community - a place for people to engage and create content about the lifestyle the brand supports (as opposed to just the products that they sell). In addition the brand may decide that selling a limited selection of products - or even the whole catalog - may provide valuable information in convincing retailers to stock a broader assortment of the brand's wares. Therefore manufacturers may approach their online presence from a strength in content, but eventually need to support community and commerce.
On the other side, retailers have commerce down pretty well, but feel they need to do much more around content and community.

The full article on RSR.

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